About Us

Our History

Although established in 1995, in Oss, the Netherlands, and having developed software for intermodal tank transport from the very beginning, Inforit still has the spirit of a start-up. We credit the continuous focus on innovation and our ambition to grow.

In 2008, a very strong investor acquired Inforit: Den Hartogh Logistics from Rotterdam. However, Inforit never became part of the Den Hartogh group and remained an Independent Software Vendor, also delivering and servicing other logistics companies, including Den Hartogh’s competitors.

In 2019, the H&S Group decided to take ownership of 50% of Inforit. This gives us extra resources to grow. We now have two important market-players on or side and we benefit from their extensive operational know-how.

Inforit has always focused on software for intermodal tank transport, and our team is highly experienced in this business. Moreover, our software was built together with our customers, with a lot of input from end users, managers and business analysts. That’s also how we work today for our heavy investment programs in new, innovative systems for intermodal transport management systems. This means  that what we build has value today, is fit for purpose, and constantly adapts to changing business needs.

Do you want to work with Inforit?

If you work with Inforit, you are probably on our payroll, a customer, a shareholder,  a business partner, or a government organization.

If you want to be on our payroll, it’s important to know that we look for passionate people. Among our values are freedom and responsibility. Our terms of employment reflect those values. For example, you are free to go to the gym during business hours, and we have flexible working hours. We don’t want to have a strong hierarchy and we have short communication lines. We do not check you all the time. And we expect you to be responsible for good quality, and for what we want to achieve together. We promote sustainable development, meaning that our management enables you to maintain a constant pace. (It’s an agile principle.) We believe Inforit is a great place to be.

Becoming a customer of Inforit is easy: Call us. After a call we’ll get together and see what we can offer for each other. If we feel we can’t offer a solution we’ll be honest and upfront about it, even though this is highly unlikely because solving problems triggers a lot of creativity and energy in our office! We specialise in software for intermodal transport, EDI connections and 4PL. Through frequent and tight communication Inforit strives to be great to work with.

Our team

The most important part of our secret is our people. We have an experienced team of more than 70 software developers, requirement engineers, project managers, and service professionals. Highly skilled people who work at Inforit because they believe in our goals and share our values. And most of all, they experience Inforit as an environment where they can be creative and have the freedom, possibilities and resources to deliver great quality.