Control Tower Software

DCFusion is a complete Transport Management System for transports from or to Distribution Centers or Production facilities. It is designed to improve supply chain integration and integrates seamlessly with, for example, SAP. Its communication features enable a profound and efficient collaboration between your shipping department and carrier. Planning of transports is done in close cooperation with the carrier.

Electronic planning of transport orders enhances transparency for both the shipping department and the carrier. DCFusion generates electronic messages for transport orders, modifications, notifications and confirmations. The carrier has access to DCFusion for time slot selection, reporting of actual transport data and extra costs. DCFusion has profound reporting capabilities which enable a valuable insight into Key Performance Indicators.

The new release of DCFusion is an advanced Control Tower, overseeing and managing all logistics operations. It enables an easy and cost-saving collaboration between shipping departments and carriers. DCFusion helps you manage the entire process, from tendering to hundreds or even thousands of lanes and carriers, to planning and execution, invoicing, and claim management. DCFusion holds tons of data and helps you to improve.