Depot Management Systems

Since Inforit specializes in software for tank transport, developing an application for the cleaning station – where all tanks end up sooner or later – seemed a logical step forward. We started developing in 2009, and today Depotfusion is a complete and advanced system for managing all depot yard processes, from cleaning to repairs, heating, and storage. The key word to describe Depotfusion is Control. It gives you a grip on your depot operations, from signing up, order acceptance and safety precautions to  invoicing.

Depotfusion is a modular system, meaning that it can grow with your operations. It can also handle multiple locations. Depotfusion lets you control your process as an integrated operation. It gives you one truth about product knowledge, financial information and customer data.

Controlling your depot operations comes with communication. Depotfusion helps you to communicate easily with your customer, between departments and with government organizations. It also comes with automation such as  estimation and price calculations, it can all be managed smoothly and without much manual work.

Maintenance of an intermodal tank
Cargo containers
Maintenance of a truck
Large tanks in depot
Inforit desk
Tank container transfer from train to truck