• 01-02-2019 New colleague

    We are excited to introduce our new Sales Manager Marijn Laagewaard. She will be responsible for all sales activities for INFORIT. Marijn can be reached through or +31614322829.
  • 20-12-2018 New website

    Before the holidays we have our new website ready. And we are proud of it.
  • 01-10-2018 New colleagues

    This month we welcome another two colleagues! Information analyst Antoni Boeding
    and software developer Kevan Folkeringa.
  • 27-09-2018 Photographer

    In order to “wow” all of you with splendid pictures of our hard working team we hired a
    professional photographer to take some pictures whilst we work.
  • 01-9-2018 New colleagues

    Inforit is growing! We’re adding another 2 developers, Daniil Pimenau and Dirk Raes.