What Inforit can do for you

Inforit has specialized in logistics software for almost 25 years now. We deliver mature standard applications for transport management, depot management, and DC management (4PL). And thanks to our frameworks and many years of experience, we can build applications fast, giving our customers the opportunity to upgrade their logistic offerings with cutting-edge IT. One of the great features we offer is our helpdesk. A team of experienced people who can give support on any of the software we provide, even those specifically made for a single customer. Our team is always staffed and can even provide support after opening hours if necessary. For most of our customers, we are at the heart of IT, and we take that responsibility seriously.

We have given  our range of products the name Fusion. Our TMS, for example,  is called Transfusion. It effectively combines (fuses) two of our passions: software, and logistics.

Transport Management Systems

We believe our TMS ‘Transfusion’ is the most advanced transport management system for intermodal tank logistics on the market and we continue to invest heavily in it. Transfusion is about automated processes for matching order demand and availability based on advanced algorithms. It is about learning how to perform better by comparing your quotes, execution and invoicing. Transfusion helps you to see which orders are profitable, to recognize costs and allocate them, to anticipate tank shortages, and to optimize repositioning.

Depot Management Systems

From our specialty – software for intermodal tank transport – it was a small step to where all transports with liquid food or chemicals end: the depot, usually to clean the tank. Our depot management system Depotfusion automates the process from order intake and planning to invoicing. Safety is one of the most important aspects of Depotfusion, it ensures all safety precautions, for example cleaning the tank, are in place before the next step can be taken. We provide washing programs, and connections to online product databases.

Cluster Service Management Systems

With Inforit Clusterfusion, your drivers and staff can be at the heart of the operation. You can coordinate and plan drivers, trucks, loading and deliveries, inform suppliers and customers, and facilitate access for a whole cluster of suppliers. Inforit Cluster fusion means managing smoothly and efficiently, with worry-free state of the art IT.

Control Tower Software (4PL)

Our 4PL management system “DCFusion” is being used by logistic service providers, providing on site logistics for their customers, and also by large plants. The system automates load planning, provides automatic haulier selections based on customizable criteria, and communicates with carriers via carrier portals. Order and invoice flows are automated, for example via the SAP integration or EDI.

Software Development Services

The name for our standard software always includes the word Fusion, for example Depotfusion, because Inforit effectively fuses passion for software with passion for logistics. The same combination of passion and knowledge allows us to build tailor-made applications for special projects with your customer. With our development frameworks we can build fast, and with state of the art technology. We do that for Logistic Service Providers, but also for (chemical) plants and distribution centers. We can also provide helpdesk support for tailor-made applications. We have a skilled team to handle support. All of them understand logistics well and they perfect the communication between a developer and the customer when needed.

The EDI Fusion e-Commerce Cloud Platform

In this era of digital transformation our logistic systems are connected electronically. That’s why we are experts in connecting – via EDI – to other applications, or to hubs like Elemica, TransWide, or Transporeon. Our full managed EDI services are monitored 24/7 and thanks to their scalable and reliable design we can almost guarantee 100% uptime. Moreover, our professionals know your business and are experts on transport management software and EDI mappings.