Sofware Development Services

Our Focus

We focus entirely on software for logistics, and we specialize in intermodal transport and 4PL software. We put lots of effort in our standard software, and many hours in innovation. And we build tailor-made systems, with the same combination of passion for software and knowledge of logistic processes.

Our strong focus on logistics distinguishes us from other software makers. We understand the business of logistic service providers, including internal logistic departments, which allows us to  build better and faster. We’re constantly looking at new things, new languages, new processes and new developments in our market. We love innovation and we strive to be one of its driving forces.

Our Team

The development team at Inforit is a tight group of dedicated individuals who strive to deliver great software. We use modern technologies and an agile work form to deliver software both fast and well. The environment we work in is an open one, we believe this pushes each and every developer just that little bit further. The team is self-sufficient and all input is taken into serious consideration.

Our Process

At Inforit we love diving head-first into a new challenge but we always apply the same principles. We start by analyzing the problem, after analysis is complete we collaboratively come up with a design on how to build the software in the best way possible. As soon as the initial design is done we start a cyclic process of design -> development -> review. We repeat this cycle as many times as necessary to deliver both a product we are proud of and one that solves all the customer’s issues.

We are your partner

We build unique, tailor-made software, and we can also maintain it. Moreover, we can provide helpdesk support as if it were our own software. Our customers see us as their preferred IT-partner, almost like their in-house development unit. We are all about teamwork, we include you in our team, and we build together. This gives you the possibility and the flexibility to compete with cutting-edge, advanced IT systems.