Helpdesk & Support

The Inforit Helpdesk is an essential part of our product offering. It helps you to build trust with the end users of your Transport Management System and to feel confident with the designed operations. The Inforit Helpdesk can help you build support for the software you invested in within your organization. It can also be accessible for your business partners, for example hauliers or co-makers.

Support for our standard software is not the only service we offer.  We can also offer helpdesk services (first or second line) for tailor-made software, or even third-party software. And since our software is usually the primary software for our customers, we understand that end users may call us with a lot of IT-related issues, even when it has nothing to do with our software. If you want, we are actually able to help because we have technically skilled people on board.

The Inforit Helpdesk can be accessed by phone from 9.00-17.00 CET (AMS). Support outside these hours is possible, for example for early starting operations or locations outside of central Europe. These extended opening hours and our service will be based on specific agreements made and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).