The Transfusion Transport Management Systems

We invest heavily in innovative software for intermodal transport management. Our latest project is called ‘Intermodal Supply Chain Visibility’. It allows you to see where your tank container is at any moment, including your supplier and your suppliers haulier’s containers. It doesn’t matter if the container is in China, stored in the Botlek area, at a cleaning station, on a train or somewhere on the ocean. Wherever you are, and wherever the container is, you can see the estimated time of arrival. In addition to the containers position it can also display other helpful information such as the temperature of the goods or alerts generated by the container. Information is visible for everyone you want to share it with. Even if they aren’t a customer of Inforit. ‘Intermodal Supply Chain Visibility’ uses a vast amount of data from other Inforit systems, like Transfusion and Depotfusion, and makes it available for the owner of the data  to share.

We believe no other TMS for intermodal tank transport is richer in functionality than Transfusion. Still, end users say it is easy to work with, easy to navigate and we receive this feedback from users who work for big transporters as well as smaller intermodal logistic companies.

Let’s have a look at what Transfusion is about and what the software can do for you. Transfusion is based on 3 principles:

1: Data-driven decision making

Transfusion holds big data about your operations to balance the demand and supply of your tank containers. It helps you decide what to do. The system warns you if orders will not be beneficial or even impossible and helps you to see opportunities. Transfusion helps you to have more profitable orders. Transfusion also validates your decisions. For example, quotes and orders are checked against Service Agreements. Based on data analysis, Transfusion also helps you to pro-actively and uniformly discuss and document contract agreements.

Reach stacker and tanks on yard.
Inforit computer screen

2: First time right, every time better

Transfusion helps you understand your business better and to learn how to run your operation better. For example, it compares your quotes, the execution, and the invoicing. The Transfusion algorithms optimize orders. Tank shortages are anticipated. The system suggests repositioning and pricing. Meanwhile your staff can focus on exceptions.

3: Exception Management

Transfusion processes are automated as much as possible. And information can be filtered so that your operators can focus on exceptions: deviations from your standards.

Of course, plan boards are an important part of Transfusion, for example in Truck Planning, and they are advanced and easy to use. Our Exception Management principle helps show the critical parts of the planning, making the plan board clearer.

Talking about plan boards and planning: we continue to invest in innovative new plan boards, and sophisticated forms of automated planning. For example, we will shortly release a plan board called ‘quarterturned‘. Inforit Transfusion: best of breed, cutting edge technology.

Large tanker truck on the road